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If you are a busy person, you need a style that is flexible and convenient. Many women decide to get hair braids for that reason. It is a popular “set it and forget it” style. It is also a good style for little girls. We are professional hair braiders that offer our services for men, for women, and for children.

Braiding your hair is a good protective style. Wearing your hair in braids can help it to grow faster than if you just wear your hair loose. You can gain these benefits from braiding your natural hair or from wearing extensions such as with tree braids. There are many styles of braids to choose from. You can wear box braids, micros, or tree braids. The choice is up to you. Please note that some styles of braids are better for growth than others.

Tree braids are great for your hair because we corn row the weave in with your natural hair. If you get tree braids, you will not have to put any sort of glue in your hair. Tree braids are very easy to maintain and can be shampooed.

Box braids are another common style used by people that want to grow out their hair. Even though you have braids, you should still do things like wash your hair and oil your scalp to make sure that your real hair does not get super dry when it is braided.

You should only keep braids in your hair for about two to three months so be sure you make your appointment with us when it is time to take your braids down. We can help you find a great natural style in between braiding sessions.

You deserve the best treatment, and we want you to look and feel great. When you choose our hair braiding salon in Duluth, GA you will get stellar treatment.

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